The distance of the transmitter broadcast depens on many factors . The main factor is the environment. Here is the example of our Customer from Canada use our 0.5W FM transmitter. Hello Tomlee, I purchased the czh-05b from I have the 1/4

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How to assemble the FM transmitter? The FM transmitter is very easy to assemble. But I would like to let everyone know how to assemble it. This is all the things that will be used. 1, Install the antenna. The GP antenna is also connect like this.

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Do you wanna to build your own Radio station ? Buy our FM transmitter , Just plug it , easy build your own FM radio Sation to transmit any audio you like ,then you are on the air! After you know our FM transmitter , you will be just as excited as I

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How is FMUSER transmitter quality ? Does it worthly buying ? Read fmuser transmitter reviews and ratings which people already bought fmuser transmitter . hello friend sky, I have received the transmitter 7w. I was very surprised, is a rod is great,

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Whatdo we do ? FMUSER.ORG is a system integration company focusing on RF wireless transmission / studio video audio equipment / streaming and data processing .We are providing everything from advice and consultancy through rack integration to instal

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ouritem의 모든 3 달 보장이있다. --- 저희에게 연락 품목을 돌려 --- 수신하고 다른 교체를 보낼 수 있습니다. 이름 : 리 콴 주소 : yuexiuqu, hengfulu 71hao 107fang, 서울시 귀하의 페이팔 주소, 이름, 메모 문제를이 주소로 돌아가서 적어주세요

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When we send out your item ,we will give you a tracking NO. ,please track it on these web link: htt

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전송 범위는 많은 요인에 따라 달라집니다. 진정한 거리는 수신기, 수신기의 안테나와 건물 송신기와 수신기 사이에 다른 장애물의 감도를 기준으로합니다. 그리고 거리 뮤 것

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